Recover iPad GarageBand’s Demo Song (Curtain Call)

So you accidentally deleted or modified the demo song (Curtain Call) that comes with your iPad’s garage band… no need to worry. To recover this song, simply go to Settings on your iPad, then select GarageBand on the left hand side and choose the option to recover the demo song. That’s all!!!


5 thoughts on “Recover iPad GarageBand’s Demo Song (Curtain Call)

      • Thanks for the tip. I did it and all my songs are available after the reset, even my previous Curtain Call remains. A new “CurtainCall Demo 2” appears

  1. I found your blog entry, while searching for how to recover the GarageBand Demo song I accidenatlly deleted while upgrading to GarageBand 2.0.
    It seems this functionality is not working in version 2.0, since I’ve reset the prefs several times, and I still can not recover the demo song.

    Does anyone out there have a link to where I can download a copy of the file “Curtain” ?
    The reset does not restore it with GarageBand 2.0.

    – Jay

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