Easter Egg in GarageBand for iPad (Curtain-Call demo song)

So after reading how cool GarageBand was (which it truly is) for iPad, I purchased it the other day. I got a few crashes after using it for a long time. I think some memory warnings, because I am running it on the original iPad rather than iPad 2.

When you open the app, you can start composing music. But what got my attention was that there is a little “secret” demo song that gets shipped with GarageBand for iPad and it’s called Curtain-Call. Why is it secret? Because it won’t appear on your iPad’s GarageBand unless it has crashed at least once!

That sounds weird, doesn’t it. But if you can, get GarageBand to crash once on your iPad. Then open it again and in your library of songs, you should see a new song called Curtain Call, it’s amazing. It looks like Apple has put this as an easter egg in GarageBand (that’s so unlike Apple though). Check out the screen shots that I’ve taken of my GarageBand on iPad. Do you have this song in your GarageBand library on the iPad?

I have also attached the song to the end of this post, if you want to just listen to it. It really sounds cool knowing that it has been composed entirely on an iPad with GarageBand!

Curtain Call, GarageBand Demo Song (Easter Egg)



Curtain Call 8 Track

Curtain Call iPad Demo Song for Garage Band

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