Swift Weekly – Issue 02 – The Swift Runtime (Part 1)

In this edition, I wanted to write about arrays and dictionaires and take the easy route. But I thought to myself: wouldn’t be cool if _somebody_ dug deep into the Swift runtime for crying out loud? Then I thought that I cannot wait for somebody to do that so I’m going to have to do that myself. So here, this edition of Swift Weekly is about the Swift runtime. At least the basics.

Please note that I am using a disassembler + dSYM file. I am disassembling the contents of the AppDelegate with some basic code in it and then hooking my disassembler up with the dSYM file to see more details.

Also in this article I am testing the output disassembly of Xcode 6.1 on the x86_64 architecture, not ARM which is available on iOS devices.

Continue reading this article on Swift Weekly’s Github page: https://github.com/vandadnp/swift-weekly/tree/master/issue02


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