iOS 8 Swift Programming Cookbook

Hi lovely readers 🙂

My iOS 8 book is out and it is ALLLLL new, rewritten to use Swift with tons of new stuff in it.

Check it out, it is 50% off. Click here to go to O’Reilly’s website to purchase the book.

Also a surprise, I have also done a video course to teach you all about iOS 8 programming with Swift. THAT too is 50% off for a limited time. You can click here to get the videos.

Happy coding everyone


2 thoughts on “iOS 8 Swift Programming Cookbook

  1. Hi Vandad, I have been reading your iOS 6 programming cookbook but was wondering if I should switch midway with this one. I’m pretty used to Objective-C. but when I saw this one was in Swift, I was afraid that I don’t know enough Objective-C to start reading about swift, especially midway of learning ObjC. Do you recommend I get stronger in Obj-C before I start learning Swift? Btw love your teaching style in your books! You’re my favorite author in OReilly.

    • Hi Eric,

      This is a good question. There are a lot of ways in which Swift is better than Objective-C and vice-versa. I myself work for a top publisher company in Stockholm right now who uses Objective-C for their iOS apps, we don’t write a single line of Swift code (yet!).

      However, I can see that in the next year or two this will change as more and more companies start moving towards using Swift since it is more concise and takes less time to write code.

      So depending on what you want, you may or may not want to start learning about Swift. But I highly recommend that you do start as soon as possible and keep your Objective-C skills also at a top level.

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