Mac OS X Tips & Tricks – #4 (Folder with selection)

To place more than 1 file in a  folder, you can simply select all the files and then right click and then choose “New Folder with Selection” in the menu that will appear. Plain and easy. No need to create the directory and place the files in it manually!


Mac OS X Tips & Tricks – #3 (Disabling Dashboard)

Dashboard takes your memory as it is always sitting there even if you are not using it. To disable this memory-hogging beast, go to System Preferences, then go to Mission Control and untick the “Show Dashboard as a space” option. All done!

Mac OS X Tips & Tricks – #2 (Using the Dock with you keyboard)

If you want to use the Dock without your mouse, press Ctlr+Fn+F3 on your keyboard. This will pop the Dock up (if it’s hidden) and will navigate to the leftmost item on the Dock. You can then use the right/left arrows on your keyboard to navigate between the Dock items.

To open one of the items in the Dock while the focus is on the item, press the Space or the Enter key.

To open the context menu for that item while the focus is on it, press the Up arrow on your keyboard.

Mac OS X Tips & Tricks – #1 (Increase/Decrease volume without feedback sound)

If you want to increase/decrease the volume on OS X without the little annoying feedback system sound that is triggered when you press the volume up/down button, simply hold down the Shift button while increasing/decreasing the volume with your keyboard. That will disable the annoying sound!

Cutting and Pasting in Mac OS X Lion

In order to cut and paste in Mac OS X Lion, choose the file(s) that you want to cut, then press Cmd+C on your keyboard. Then move to the folder where you want to paste your files and press Cmd+Alt+V (as opposed to Cmd+v which simply pastes). Cmd+Alt+V pastes by cutting the origin files.