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Build and Run Python Scripts Using Xcode 5

In this video, I’ll demonstrate how you can use Xcode 5 to build and run Python scripts.

Building and Running Python Scripts with Xcode 4.x

Note: There is an update to this article, posted on the 11th of July 2013. You can find this article here:¬†Build and Run Python Scripts Using Xcode 5 So you have installed Python… Continue reading

scp and cronjob (without password) on OS X

I wanted to copy some files from my computer over to a server every minute, as a cronjob. I searched around the internet but the solutions were scattered all over the place and… Continue reading

Git from command-line after installing Xcode on OS X Lion

Xcode 4.3.x or newer comes with Git but the problem is when you install Xcode on your machine (OS X Lion or newer), Git’s path won’t be added to the user path which… Continue reading

DocBook Video Tutorial 2 – DocBook to PDF with Xcode and XMLLINT

In this tutorial you will learn: Downloading DocBook Documentation Writing DocBook in Xcode Validating DocBook XMLs Generating PDF from DocBook XMLs To download MacPorts, go to: http://macports.org/ To install XMLLINT categories, use this… Continue reading