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Creating string enumerations in Objective-C (The ultimate solution)

A while ago I wrote on my blog about a solution to one of the most common questions asked by Objective-C programmers which is “How can I create string enumerations?”. Well, the solution… Continue reading

Giving private and group iOS development lessons

Hello internet. After writing many many books and developing iOS apps for 6+ years, I feel I am now ready to take on a new challenge. To start teaching iOS development to people… Continue reading

iOS 7 Programming Cookbook’s Source Code

As you know, my recent book is now published, titled “iOS 7 Programming Cookbook”. You can purchase it here: All the source codes written for this book are now available on Github… Continue reading

Compiling C files for Mach-O ARM architecture, in OS X Lion

Yesterday I wanted to compile a .c code for ARM architecture using the iOS SDK on my Lion machine. I wanted to create object files and executable files that I can install on… Continue reading

iOS 5 Programming Cookbook on GitHub

I have posted all the example codes from iOS 5 Programming Cookbook, on GitHub. Check it out here. Enjoy.

Git Repositories for 4 of My Books

I have set up 4 GitHub repositories for my four books: iOS 4 Programming Cookbook Repo: Web: Concurrent Programming in Mac OS X and iOS Repo: Web: Writing Game… Continue reading

Xcode 4 Refactoring Features – Part 1

In this video, you will learn about Rename, Extract, Create Superclass, and Move Up refactoring facilities in Xcode 4, Apple’s latest and greatest development environment for iOS and Mac OS X. If you… Continue reading

Incorporating UITableView in your iOS Apps (Video, Part 1)

In this video, you will learn (in 5 minutes) how to incorporate a Table View into your iOS app. You will learn how to create a Table View using Interface Builder in Xcode… Continue reading

Animations in iOS Using Block Objects (Video, Part 2)

After learning simple block object animations in iOS in the previous video, you will now learn how to use more complicated block based animations that take advantage of “completion” block objects to notify… Continue reading

50% off iOS books from O’Reilly. HURRY!!!

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