I’m selling MORE of my stuff on eBay!!!

Hi everyone, I am selling a lot more things now on eBay if anybody is interested in placing a bid. Good luck and have fun… Click or Tap here to see all the… Continue reading

I’m auctioning off my stuff!

I’m auctioning off a lot of my belongings on eBay if you are interested. Here is the first list of items: First set of items that I’m selling And here is the second… Continue reading

Debugging With LLDB and Xcode – Tutorial 1 – Populating Text Fields

In this video, I’ll demonstrate to you some of the baiscs of LLDB using the “expr” command to speed up your day to day development.

Hiding sensitive business logic in Objective-C

So you have some business logic in a class that you want to hide from the users of your class? Let’s say that you are working on a library project and you have… Continue reading

Selling my smartphones

I have accumulated so many smartphones that I cannot possibly use anymore. So I’ve listed them on eBay (UK). You can see them and bid on/buy them here: BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone – 16… Continue reading

iOS 7 Programming Cookbook’s Source Code

As you know, my recent book is now published, titled “iOS 7 Programming Cookbook”. You can purchase it here: http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920031031.do All the source codes written for this book are now available on Github… Continue reading

Deprecating Properties, Methods and Enumerations in Objective-C – LLVM/Xcode Tips and Tricks

A lot of times when working in a team, you would write a class, or add an enumeration to an existing class or add a new property. Some times, you might need to… Continue reading

Making a Class Unavailable in Objective-C – LLVM/Xcode Tips and Tricks

So you have written an Objective-C class and you would like to mark it as unavailable so that others won’t be able to instantiate it? The solution is simple. In the header file… Continue reading

Using NSPredicate to Filter Through Arrays in Cocoa and Cocoa Touch

In this video, I will teach you a really cool way of filtering through an NSArray, using predicates.

Build and Run Python Scripts Using Xcode 5

In this video, I’ll demonstrate how you can use Xcode 5 to build and run Python scripts.